Quality Oil

COMERG Is dedicated on developing technologies with minimum impact to end product.Utilizing its Liquefied Gas Extraction Technology, COMERG’s solution is cheaper, faster and better than the currently most popular carbon dioxide technologies. 


A game-changer for Extraction the tindustry! Producing up to six times higher yield than the CO2 technology in one- sixth of the time, while process cost is only one-sixth of the cost of CO2 process, creating a significantly greater yield in a fraction of the time.


Based on tetrafluoroethane (TFE). TFE has long been overlooked to extract a wide range of compounds since the industry adopted carbon dioxide and other methods. TFEs has very low boiling point and separates completely from the most volatile components of the extract, therefore leaves no residue in the end product. 

The extracts can be produced with high purity and on a large scale under extremely low cost. Since the critical pressures and temperatures are much lower than carbon dioxide, construction the LPE apparatus are significantly reducing CapEx and OpEx.

Additional Info 

Down to 20% CapEx of carbon dioxide extractor from energy and cost

  • Higher yields on shorter run times with cleaner product results
  • Higher solubility of output for use in food, drinks and medicine
  • Able to handle fragile natural ingredients with less degradation
  • Low Maintenance due better design and construction
  • Fraction of energy needed during processing
  • With no solvent residue in the final product
  • Fire Safe due to GRAS (generally recognized as safe) solvent
  • Low Pressure and high safety technology
  • Low Temperature liquefied gas extraction
  • Full solvent recovery with no production losses
  • Allows extraction of fresh and even moisturized product
  • Unique extraction method that keeps full flavor and aroma
  • Preserves the full nutritional significance of the ingredients